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Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena Map
First published during the Uncharted 3 Summer Beta, just as the Chateau itself, the map has two sides. Its competitive side concentrates the action within the Chateau itself, often on its upper floor, but during Co-op Arena, you will most likely never reach the top floor... and you won't need to.
The spawn point in the Chateau is at the entrance to the building facing the two Jeeps in front of it. Further references will be made with respect to this point. For example, Siege Area A is on the front-left side and all 3 idol spawn points are at the back.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Chateau - Spawn Point | CCC
Pic. 1. Chateau - Spawn Point
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Survival
Survival Area A (Pic. 2.) is actually the only good and suggested area you can stay at during a Survival round at the Chateau. It pretty much covers the complete back of the Chateau and is so greatly populated that you won't find any rest until about 10 kills are left, but even then you may manage to bring this number down to 8 or 7 without leaving this area. At this point, enemies will mostly spawn at the front of the Chateau, so you can then move towards the front and finish the Survival round on your way.
Theoretically, one player could "operate" at the front of the building, but he might be of more use at the back as he won't contribute much towards the round goal anyway and the great population at the back in Area A may even become dangerous for the other two players.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Chateau - Survival Area A | CCC
Pic. 2. Chateau - Survival Area A
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Siege
Siege Area A (Pic. 3.) is located on the front-left side with respect to the spawn point. It includes the ruined mini-tower on the left and you can kill enemies from the top of it which makes a great vantage point. Enemies will start coming through all holes at the bottom of the Chateau and later from the spawn points at the front (one in the right tower, one right at the chest and one on the front-left side).
It's highly recommended that at least one player stays at the top of the elevated area to take out some distant Rocketeers and Snipers, he will find a G-MAL there which makes precise long shots much easier. Alternatively, two players could start at the top and once the near spawn point activate, one of them could help out on the ground. For extreme situations, you will find a M32-Hammer grenade launcher at the statue within this area.
Note - this area includes the Jeep right in the middle of it and it can explode just after tossing 1 grenade at it as well as after being shot for a while. It can be a useful tool because when it explodes from your fire or grenade, all enemies killed by the explosion will count towards the goal of this round. However, if you're close to it when it explodes - it can down or kill you so you may even consider destroying it beforehand if you don't want to take such risk and avoid situations like - both teammates are downed by the explosion and you're sitting at the elevated area, it's too dangerous to come down and revive them and you don't have a safe Cluster Bomb to clear it or the Jeep hasn't exploded yet, you go down to revive your teammates and then the explosion kills all 3 of you. Someone may even die due to such "combo-explosion" - an enemy throws a grenade, it downs your teammate(s), lands close enough to blow out the Jeep which instantly kills your downed teammate(s) and the team loses 2 lives.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Chateau - Siege Area A | CCC
Pic. 3. Chateau - Siege Area A
Siege Area B (Pic. 4.) is at the back of the Chateau and spans across the stairs leading inside the building as well as the area below them and a part in front of them. This area is very dangerous not only because it's within the Survival Area, but because it doesn't really offer any good options to take cover without actually leaving the Siege zone.
At first, all enemies will come from the back of the Chateau, from all primary spawn point within the Survival Area. When there are ~10 kills left, you'll also get visitors coming through the holes in the building flanking you from the back. The only reasonable place to hide is actually within the building. You can go up the stairs and hide there, but you will have to return at least to the top of the outside stairway in order to score kills. The area under the stairs can be an option if most enemies are concentrated on the other side, but it's not a good permanent solution.
That said, it's hard to strategize in this area. Enemies should be eliminated ASAP and if you get sloppy - you'll die. It could be a good idea to place 1 player at the top of the stair which could still help killing enemies from long distance and also revive teammates or, if it's too dangerous, quickly hide inside the Chateau to prevent a restart of the round.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Chateau - Siege Area B | CCC
Pic. 4. Chateau - Siege Area B
Siege Area C (Pic. 5.) is also within the Survival Area, but it's more in the center and spans even to the elevated area where you can find the turret in competitive mode. This gives you not only an option to hide at the bottom of this structure, but also kill enemies from the top (but only from the edge as the Siege Area C does not span across the whole structure).
It's advised that one player stays on top, and the remaining two players concentrate on the main spawn points at the back wall. After killing 15 enemies, more will come from inside the Chateau, but since you will see them for a further distance, they won't flank you by surprise as they would in the Siege Area B.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Chateau - Siege Area C | CCC
Pic. 5. Chateau - Siege Area C
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Gold Rush
The chest in the Chateau (Pic. 6.) can be found in the front of the building inside a ruined structure in the corner of its remaining walls. It is a dangerous place to be as during a Gold Rush round, all enemies spawn only at 3 points - at the front-left where you can find a 3-medal chest, within the tower on the front-right side right on the stairs and exactly within the walls where the chest is placed which makes this place swarming with enemies so the team should be quite efficient in eliminating the threat and finishing the Gold Rush round ASAP.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Chateau - Chest | CCC
Pic. 6. Chateau - Chest
All 3 idols spawn at the back of the Chateau and require approx. 3 throws to transport them to the chest. Idol A (Pic. 7.) appears at the top of the elevated structure next to the place where the turret is in competitive mode. It should be transported at the right side of the building. You can go to the edge of the elevated structure, throw it down and your teammate can carry it to the hole of the right tower in front of him where it is possible to throw it right through the hole leading to the location where the chest can be found if the arc is quite high and the thrower very close to the outer hole.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Chateau - Idol A | CCC
Pic. 7. Chateau - Idol A
Idol B (Pic. 8.) spawns in the middle of the back area of the Chateau close to the wall and the 3-medal chest. From there, you can throw it inside the building through the middle hole, then out to the front of the Chateau and then directly to the place where you can find the chest.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Chateau - Idol B | CCC
Pic. 8. Chateau - Idol B
The third treasure - Idol C (Pic. 9.) is on the back-left side (with respect to your main spawn point) and can be thrown to the slight elevation under the stairs leading to the Chateau, from where you can throw or carry it outside the building and then toss it towards the chest. In some cases, you may also consider transporting it through the middle hole exactly like you would do with Idol B. In fact, thanks to the relatively close spawn point, under special circumstances, you can decide to use any route for any treasure if your teammates communicate with you and warn you about one side being not secure.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Chateau - Idol C | CCC
Pic. 9. Chateau - Idol C
If playing on Crushing difficulty, the three ground routes to the chest might be guarded by very dangerous enemies (Cluster Bombers, Militia Men, Carpet Bombers, or even PAKman). In such case, it is much safer to transport the idol through the upper level of the Chateau and toss it directly into the chest area from the bridge connecting the Chateau to the tower on the right side.
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