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Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena Map
This is the first of 4 maps which originally appeared in a DLC map pack for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It's an interesting map especially for Survival rounds which can be finished in no-time in The Facility due to two concentrated spawn points. There's one slightly unfortunate Siege zone and another one with little room to take cover, but both idol spawn points are quite well placed and allow you to reach the chest safely.
The spawn point in the Facility is at the back of the submarine. Further references will be made with respect to this point. For example, the Siege areas are on the right and in the front.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Facility - Spawn Point | CCC
Pic. 1. Facility - Spawn Point
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Survival
This map offers two good areas to stay at in a Survival round.
The first one - Survival Area A (Pic. 2.) is in the top area of the Facility on the left side. If you're right at the spawn point, enter the building going to the left and you'll be able to climb up there in the corner. When you get there, you'll see stairs on the left side leading eventually to the main hall in the front and you'll be albe to jump out through the hole on the right. Enemies will spawn here mostly in two points from the top as shown on the picture.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Facility - Survival Area A | CCC
Pic. 2. Facility - Survival Area A
Survival Area B (Pic. 3.) is on the front-right with respect to the spawn point. To get there, go to the right and then all the way to the front or, use the ladder in front of the submarine to climb inside the building and the area will be to your right. Enemies will spawn here at two points from the top, as shown in the picture. Additionally, some will come from the stairs and if neither of your teammates are covering Area A, other enemies will climb up using the same ladder you did to get here and may flank you if you concentrate on the main spawn points.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Facility - Survival Area B | CCC
Pic. 3. Facility - Survival Area B
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Siege
Siege Area A (Pic. 4.) is on the right side close to the main spawn point. It is a relatively safe area due to some corners in which you can take cover and the fact that even though it's pretty much right above a spawn point, it's not the most frequent place in which enemies appear so you can consider the back end of Siege Area A to be a good place to hide if you're wounded.
There's one issue with this area, though. Most of the enemies spawning at the Survival Area B, can be killed right after they spawn (occasionally) they will escape either through the door to your left or go up the stairs, but nevertheless, they aren't the biggest issue. The main problem is that many enemies will take cover behind part of the submarine. They may even blindfire on you which doesn't give you much to shoot at and sometimes they change positions very quickly so when you aim at one of them, the other may get up provoking you to aim at him and when you do, he hides again and the other one shoots you. Even though most likely these won't be lethal shots (unless you've already been wounded), but trying to kill them and aiming at certain points for a long time will make you vulnerable to other attacks.
To avoid such situation, only one player should concentrate on the submarine area and the enemies behind cover (a good sniper could get the job done) while the other players kill whatever comes from the Survival Area B and defend the sharpshooter from other enemies closing in from the submarine area along with the occasional spawn at the back.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Facility - Siege Area A | CCC
Pic. 4. Facility - Siege Area A
Siege Area B (Pic. 5.) is right around the submarine in the center of the Facility map and it doesn't make defending it any easier. Enemies will come from pretty much all directions as the main Survival spawn areas are on both sides and enemies spawning there won't always use the same path. That said, you can expect them to come from the right, left, top (!) and the front. Occasionally, even some will find their way to you from the back (directions with respect to your main spawn point).
There's good news, though. The upper area above the submarine also counts towards the Siege zone. That said, it is advised to send someone up there who will pick up enemies from the Survival Spawn Area A as well as the opposite direction where those enemies will spawn who usually find their way through the stairs at the Survival Area B. Both will either try to jump to you or jump down, depending on whether one player is up and two down or vice versa.
Although sending two people on top could be worth considering to concentrate the enemy flow to the top and pick them up directly as they spawn, it's not advised if the third player at the bottom isn't too good. If he is, you could try this strategy, in which case I would suggest for the bottom player to stay on the submarine's "deck" right at the point where you can climb to the top for quick revival. If it's a late round and one of you carries a PAK-80 gun for PAKman, having two players on ground level may be a better idea due to the fact that the PAK-80 carrier will be more vulnerable, won't be able to climb on deck with his gun and the one player at the top can help killing enemies on ground level anyway.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Facility - Siege Area B | CCC
Pic. 5. Facility - Siege Area B
Siege Area C (Pic. 6.) is close to the Survival Area B which means you'll get loads of enemies spawning very close to you. On one hand it means that the round may end quickly, on the other hand, it may get dangerous in this spot especially if you consider the fact that lots of other enemies will spawn in the Survival Area A and come from behind as well as from the submarine area through the ladder.
The best strategy is to assign one person who will be purely responsible for the closest Survival spawn Area B, the second person should stand at the ladder picking up enemies spawning at the Survival Area A before they even reach the ladder and the third person could alternate between checking the back and helping the first person at the close spawn area.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Facility - Siege Area C | CCC
Pic. 6. Facility - Siege Area C
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Gold Rush
The chest in the Facility (Pic. 7.) is placed within the Siege Area C which means it's close to the Survival Area B. This isn't a problem though if your teammates manage to draw the enemies' attention to the opposite direction of the idol spawn site.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Facility - Chest | CCC
Pic. 7. Facility - Chest
Idol A (Pic. 8.) spawns at the back end of the map on the left side of your main spawn point. You should carry the idol through the left hallway leading to the main top room at the Siege Area C. Since one of the main spawn points is at the opposite side, it's easy for your teammates to prevent the enemies from reaching the other side. Only a few enemies will bother you in the left hallway and if it's the first idol in a Gold Rush round, you may even not run into any of them at all.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Facility - Idol A | CCC
Pic. 8. Facility - Idol A
The second treasure - Idol B (Pic. 9.) spawns in the top room near the end of the right hallway (with respect to the main spawn point) almost right above Siege Area A. Although there is a spawn point there, it's not very populated so getting the idol shouldn't be an issue. What's more difficult is the way to the chest. If you go through the easiest and quickest route along the right hallway and down the stairs, you'll end up in the middle of Survival Area B. If your teammates manage to clear the area properly, you can simply throw the idol at them, and they could either throw it up on the elevation very close to the chest or you can do the same if they're busy.
If the area isn't secure, though, one of your teammates is dead or it's a late round and PAKman spawns in this area, the alternative is to grab the idol and instead of going downstairs, you can throw it all the way down (standing at the opposite point to Survival Area A) close to the entrance to the left hallway or even throw it at the top of Siege Area B (above the submarine) and then precisely place it at the left hallway entrance from there. Once you're on the left side, it's a short way to the chest.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Facility - Idol B | CCC
Pic. 9. Facility - Idol B
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