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Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena Map
The Lost City is one of three Co-op compatible maps from the Flashback Map Pack #1 released on January 17th, 2012. Unlike in Uncharted 2, it's now covered in snow although the original architecture of it has been preserved.
The spawn point is in the back-left corner in which one team spawns during competitive matches with a hole in the ground to your right. Further references will be made with respect to this point. For example, Survival Area A and the Gold Rush chest are in the front end, Idol A and Idol B spawn on the back-left side and Idol C on the back-right side.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Lost City - Spawn Point | CCC
Pic. 1. Lost City - Spawn Point
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Survival
Even though there are multiple spawn points across the map, there's only one good Survival Area in the Lost City which is dangerous enough to recommend all three players stay there during a Survival round.
Survival Area A (Pic. 2.) is located at the front-end of the map where lots of enemies will spawn climbing up the ledge. This area will become very dangerous in no-time and therefore you will need to concentrate your fire in this direction. After the initial wave, enemies will spawn on the left and right side. In fact, some will come from the left side while you still try to deal with the enemies climbing up the ledge.
On non-crushing difficulty, it's advised to place 2 players on the front-right side and one player on the front-left side. The one on the front-left should concentrate on the single spawns on his side of the ledge as well check on his back in order to kill the enemies spawning on the center-left side of the map. On Crushing, it's advised to stay on top of the structure in the center of the map which will give you a good vantage point and lots of opportunities to take cover. Staying in close proximity of the front ledge will be way too dangerous on this difficulty level.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Lost City - Survival Area A | CCC
Pic. 2. Lost City - Survival Area A
There's one more issue on this map, though. Because of the trenches running across the whole map, below the main center structure, occasionally (especially in round 8 if round 7 was at the Siege Area C) PAKman will drop his weapon down in the trench. Unfortunately, it's impossible to get it out of there to the main ground level so if round 8 will be a Survival round and the PAK-80 will be in the trench, you may consider staying down there for the whole duration of the round. Of course the whole team will have to stay there otherwise enemies will rather go after your teammates and stay out of these tunnels. Unless the next round will be in the Siege Area B, you should continue the next round(s) based on the location of the new fully loaded PAK-80.
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Siege
Siege Area A (Pic. 3.) is located at the back-end of the map and it's quite annoying. Even though most enemies will come from the front, some will spawn at the back and come from the sides and due to quite bad visibility, it may become quite dangerous. Kills made from within the trench will count as long as you're below the marked zone, which makes this area trench-PAK-compatible. If PAKman drops his weapon there, all hope isn't lost as you may have a shot at the next one if he comes close enough to the trench.
Still, this tactic is quite dangerous and it's probably a better idea to have at least one Cluster Bomb or Army of Three ready for such situation rather than wait for the PAKman to reach your location.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Lost City - Siege Area A | CCC
Pic. 3. Lost City - Siege Area A
Siege Area B (Pic. 4.) is in the center of the map and spans around the whole center building. Kills will count from the ground level as well as from the top of this structure. Even though enemies will come from all sides (starting at the front ledge - Survival Area A), you shouldn't have any trouble in this area at all.
You could start at the bottom level to have a clear shot at the first bunch of enemies climbing up the ledge and then progress to the top. One player could stay at the top right from the beginning of the round and a second player (and/or the third as well) could join him after the first wave from the front. On Crushing difficulty, all three players should always stay on top.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Lost City - Siege Area B | CCC
Pic. 4. Lost City - Siege Area B
Siege Area C (Pic. 5.) is the reason why you may have issues during some late rounds. It's underground in the trench/tunnel below the structure in the center of the map. Unfortunately, kills will NOT count from the ground level above this area so you must stay underground. Therefore, in late rounds, there's a risk that PAKman will drop his weapon there and since you can't carry it out of this area, you may need to spend the next Survival round down there.
Most enemies will come from the front entrance and from the right branch next to it. Later, you'll find some of them in the back so it's advised to assign 2 players to the front end of this Siege Area and 1 to the back.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Lost City - Siege Area C | CCC
Pic. 5. Lost City - Siege Area C
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Gold Rush
The chest in the Lost City (Pic. 6.) can be found in the front of the map, close to the ledge. Luckily, you can reach it from many different locations based on the current situation during a Gold Rush round.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Lost City - Chest | CCC
Pic. 6. Lost City - Chest
Idol A (Pic. 7.) spawns exactly at your main spawn point. There are two carrying routes which you can take. The most obvious one is down the stairs to the left and then either continue on ground level or, just to be sure, throw it on the elevated area on the left side and then down close to the chest. If the area is clear you can throw it down right from the first elevation, if not, you could throw it up again and then down on the other side of the upper wall.
Alternatively, in order to lure and confuse the enemies, you can take the trenches. Once you're down the first stairs on the left side, throw it down the left branch of the "tunnel" and then simply throw it back up once you're close to the chest.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Lost City - Idol A | CCC
Pic. 7. Lost City - Idol A
Idol B (Pic. 8.) spawns very close to Idol A - on the outside of the structure in which you spawn. Therefore, you can carry it along the same routes as the first idol or, you can take "the middle way". Turn right, go along the upper wall and throw it on top of the building in the center of the map. From there you can either throw it down (keep notice of the throwing arc otherwise you thrown it on the upper wall and lose some distance to the chest) or if you're having issues with aiming, try to throw it through the "hole" in the wall to your left ;)
Alternatively, depending on the current situation, you can choose to carry it through any other side - the stairway on the right or the elevated area on the left.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Lost City - Idol B | CCC
Pic. 8. Lost City - Idol B
Idol C (Pic. 9.) spawns on the back-right which makes little sense to carry it over to the left stairway so the best option would be to simply throw it close to the center building and from there carry it through the building on the right which shouldn't be usually populated with enemies while your teammates lure them away from you. Alternatively, you can take the stairs on the right side and throw it down from the opposite side of the elevated area on the left. Finally, you can throw it from the upper ledge of the idol spawn point into the trench opening on the right side of the map, and continue your route underground.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Lost City - Idol C | CCC
Pic. 9. Lost City - Idol C
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