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Another map from the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves DLC formerly known as "Flooded Ruins". Even though the water completely vaporized and now it's an area filled with cracks in the ground and volcanic ashes floating through the air, the structure of this map has not changed which gives us 3 easily accessible Siege Areas, 3 easily accessible idol spawn points and two nice Survival areas... yup, you've guessed it - easily accessible ;)
The spawn point in the Molten Ruins is on top of the building which itself is Siege Area A. Further references will be made with respect to this point. For example, all idol spawn points are in the back and Siege Area B is on the left side.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Molten Ruins - Spawn Point | CCC
Pic. 1. Molten Ruins - Spawn Point
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Survival
Two good areas can be found here for the Survival round so you can split into two groups.
Survival Area A (Pic. 2.) is at the front end, inside and at the back of the main building. Most enemies will spawn at the back (behind the Gold Rush chest area), so you can either pick them up directly there or stay inside the building and shoot them as they come from the back.
Some enemies will get there from the sides so it could be a good idea to have one player standing right at the chest. He'll be able to shoot enemies coming from the side from a long distance, help the other player at the back since this elevated area also goes a bit outside the building and spot upcoming enemies early by the directions from which he's going to be shot at.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Molten Ruins - Survival Area A | CCC
Pic. 2. Molten Ruins - Survival Area A
Survival Area B (Pic. 3.) is at the back of the main spawn point. Enemies will appear there jumping over the fence on both sides and in the center where Idol A spawns. It's advised to stand on one side to be able to quickly take out the enemy that spawns right at the point where you are, have a good view on other spawns and not being flanked. Camping inside the building is not a good idea since you can be flanked easily from each side and in a late round PAKman may appear there - you may not see him coming and be at a disadvantage if you're carrying a PAK-80 or not be able to alert a PAK-carrying teammate.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Molten Ruins - Survival Area B | CCC
Pic. 3. Molten Ruins - Survival Area B
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Siege
Siege Area A (Pic. 4.) is actually your main spawn point. Although it's placed on ground level, you can also kill enemies from the top by climbing up at the back of the book shelf, although it's not advised. When you go to the front of the upper area in order to kill enemies coming from the building (Survival Area A), you may accidentally step outside the Siege Area. If you want to stay up, concentrate on killing enemies that come inside the building you're in either as they enter on ground level or as they jump across from the buildings nearby.
This area can be dangerous, especially once ~15 kills are remaining at which point the spawn points from Survival Area B (which is right behind the building you're in) will be very populated and combined with waves of enemies coming from the front building, you can easily be flanked. One player could watch the back by staying at the back entrance. The Siege Area spans a small bit outside the building allowing him to stand on the small back stairs. It's enough to be able to take out enemies spawning on both ends of the fence as well as those in the center. Another player could concentrate on the front building, picking up enemies on sight (a Dragon Sniper may come in handy for this task and grenades also work wonders sometimes). The third person could play a supporting role and cover the sides killing enemies the player at the back might have missed.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Molten Ruins - Siege Area A | CCC
Pic. 4. Molten Ruins - Siege Area A
Siege Area B (Pic. 5.) is quite large and it's placed on the left side with respect to the main spawn point. It can be divided into two "sections": the front - facing the area between your spawn point and the main building and the back - the area close to the stairs with a hole allowing you to enter the main building from its left side.
One player should stay at the back and pick up all enemies coming through the hole as well as the occasional spawn to his left in the small area right next to the "hideout" (the small building on the front-left side). If he struggles to cover the area or is carrying a PAK-80 which makes him slightly more vulnerable, he can just stay close to the hideout and use it to his advantage.
The two remaining players should cover "the front". One player could stay on ground level within the small area (pointing towards the center area) and pick up enemies coming from the visible spawn point at the back of the main spawn building while the other player can climb on the rock right "above" him (the Siege Area is active there) and help him picking up enemies coming from the main building. the whole main area will quickly be swarmed with enemies so it's advised to place two players there instead of one and put one at the back. A single player may struggle killing all enemies coming from this side which at some point will allow them to enter the Siege Area and at least one player will eventually have to leave his post in order to recover the third man.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Molten Ruins - Siege Area B | CCC
Pic. 5. Molten Ruins - Siege Area B
Siege Area C (Pic. 6.) is close to the Survival Area A. It's right in the center of the main building which leaves you open to attacks from each side and only gives you the fountain and some small pillars for cover and even this will always leave you vulnerable from one side.
The best strategy is pretty much the reversed version of the Siege Area A defense. One player should be assigned to cover the front of the building picking up enemies coming from the spawn building. The second player could cover the back, standing at one side to see enemies coming from both entrances on the sides of the chest-elevation while the third player would support the group by eliminating enemies coming from the sides or help at the front or back when necessary.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Molten Ruins - Siege Area C | CCC
Pic. 6. Molten Ruins - Siege Area C
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Gold Rush
The chest in the Molten Ruins (Pic. 7.) can be found on the elevated area inside the main front building at its back. That's where Siege Area C and Survival Area A are. You will have to throw the idol up there so it's advised to hold down the L2 button as you approach the elevation to see the throwing arc.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Molten Ruins - Chest | CCC
Pic. 7. Molten Ruins - Chest
There are 3 idol spawn points on this map. Each within the Survival Area B and surprisingly, this is the only map in the game where all enemies spawn on the side of the idol spawn point instead of the chest side.
Idol A (Pic. 8.) spawns at the back of the main spawn point behind the building and even if it's the first idol in the round, you will most likely immediately encounter enemies there. If it's a late round and you're out of luck, you can be greeted by PAKman and you're already in trouble. The only "comforting" part is - if you're carrying the idol behind the enemies' backs, they won't shoot at you while they rush towards the main building with the chest.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Molten Ruins - Idol A | CCC
Pic. 8. Molten Ruins - Idol A
Idol B (Pic. 9.) spawns inside the building to the right of the main spawn point. You can get there either by jumping through the hole from the main building, climbing up there from the side or simply taking the stairs. Since it's still in the very populated Survival Area B (and if this wouldn't be enough trouble - there's a spawn point right at the point where the idol spawns so an enemy may literally drop on you while you're picking up the idol), you may want to avoid simply going through the center area to the main building. Instead, you can go to the front top edge of the building in which you pick up the idol and throw it... to the right (towards the crashed helicopter). The main building has a hole there through which you can quickly and safely reach the elevated area with the chest while your teammates pick up enemies in the center area.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Molten Ruins - Idol B | CCC
Pic. 9. Molten Ruins - Idol B
Idol C (Pic. 10.) is on the opposite side of Idol B. It's located in the left "twin building" with respect to the main spawn point and just as in the other building, enemies will spawn in the exact same place as the treasure along with the rest of the swarm from the back fence. The good news is, you can use the same trick as with Idol B - go to the front edge and throw it, but this time to the left. From there you can quickly and safely carry it to the chest entering the main building through the hole described earlier (see - Siege Area B).
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Molten Ruins - Idol C | CCC
Pic. 10. Molten Ruins - Idol C
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