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Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena Map
This is the last map from the old Uncharted 2: Among Thieves DLC. Unfortunately, it's the only map where you can't carry the PAK-80 to every Siege Area, but it's still a great map with 2 highly populated Survival Areas and 3 idol spawn points.
The spawn point in the Museum is right in front of the main museum building facing the fountain. Further references will be made with respect to this point. For example, Siege Area A is in the back and Siege Area C along with Survival Area A are in the front-right side.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Museum - Spawn Point | CCC
Pic. 1. Museum - Spawn Point
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Survival
As usual, two main spawn areas can be found here. Survival Area A (Pic. 2.) is in the front-right side where you can find some grass and a statue which you can climb and jump on the top of the structure to its left.
Lots of enemies will spawn here until only 10 kills are left in a Survival round. They will come from the top as well as from the building surrounding this area to the right and front side. Be careful when you kill enemies while they're still on the highest roofs because when they drop a treasure there, you won't be able to climb there and the treasure will be inaccessible to you. Even though the surrounding building to the right is a spawn point, it may still be a good idea to stay there in cover, especially in late rounds or when playing on Crushing difficulty. You can escape around the corner and pretty much flank all enemies this way as it has multiple entrances. Of course, it's advised to have someone who will revive you nearby.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Museum - Survival Area A | CCC
Pic. 2. Museum - Survival Area A
Survival Area B (Pic. 3.) is pretty much the main area in front of the museum. The enemies will spawn on mostly on the left side and you can use the main museum building to take cover. Note - on Crushing difficulty, even if you're finished at the Area A (once there are 10 kills left to end the round), you may want to stay at the Area A and pick up enemies as they come to the "grass area" while being in cover in the "corner building" to avoid dying while trying to get to the main museum building.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Museum - Survival Area B | CCC
Pic. 3. Museum - Survival Area B
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Siege
Siege Area A (Pic. 4.) is within the main museum building. It does NOT span to the top of the building so you could use the stairs for tactical purposes and as a hideout, but kills from up there won't count towards the goal of the round.
Enemies will mostly spawn at the main Survival Areas - A and B, but there will be occasional spawns right inside the museum at the middle entrance. Some of these enemies actually spawned outside the museum and gained entrance from the upper floor. They tend to drop down near the middle entrance, but sometimes take the stairs inside the museum. It's advised to have at least one person handling the "incoming traffic" at the right entrance (coming from Survival Area A) and someone in the middle entrance. The third person could cover the backs of their teammates or help at certain entrances if necessary.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Museum - Siege Area A | CCC
Pic. 4. Museum - Siege Area A
Siege Area B (Pic. 5.) is located at the top of a building to the left side of your main spawn point and is the only Siege area in the game where it's impossible to carry a PAK-80 into it if the gun hasn't dropped from PAKman on the top of the nearby buildings (at the front). Luckily, even if PAKman would reach this area, there is a structure in the middle of this area and you can go around it as you continue killing other enemies if you don't have a good kickback to take PAKman out.
If you climb on top of the middle structure within Siege Area B, kills will still count towards the goal, but unfortunately, they won't if you stay below this area. As mentioned earlier, this is a map from the old Uncharted 2 DLC so "as above, so below" does NOT apply here. ;) Still, it is a relatively safe area. Even though enemies will climb up there as well, the middle building provides enough opportunities to safely take them out.
Most enemies will come from the front, spawning at the Survival Area A so you can even practice aiming with a Sniper Rifle to take them out from a far distance. You can concentrate on this side at first, but you will have some "guests" from the back as well so always alternate between the sides or assign at least one team member to cover the back.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Museum - Siege Area B | CCC
Pic. 5. Museum - Siege Area B
Siege Area C (Pic. 6.) covers the whole grass area (Survival Area A) in the front-right part of the map and the bottom of the building where Idol B spawns. Unfortunately, kills made from the top of this building don't count towards the round goal so you're forced to stay on ground level.
This area can be quite dangerous. There are only two places where you can take cover - in the center of the area behind the small elevation at the statue or under the roof of the building to the left. You can't kill enemies from the building on the right side which you would normally use in a Survival round and enemies will come literally from everywhere - back entrance, roof and even from the Idol C spawn site jumping through the gap separating these parts of the map so be careful, don't hesitate to leave the Siege Area if you're wounded and use the front-right corner building to recover.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Museum - Siege Area C | CCC
Pic. 6. Museum - Siege Area C
Uncharted 3 CCC - Co-op Arena - Gold Rush
The Museum chest (Pic. 7.) can be easily found at the back of the Museum building.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Museum - Chest | CCC
Pic. 7. Museum - Chest
There are 3 idol spawn points in the Museum. Two on the front-right side, one on the front-left side.
Idol A (Pic. 8.) is in a corner to the right of the entrance to the grass area (Siege Area C). This is one of the closest distances between an idol and a chest. You can just throw it towards the stairs of the right entrance to the Museum and a teammate can quickly put it into the chest. It may become a dangerous area, though. The right outside corner next to the right Museum entrance is a spawn point so be careful especially on Crushing difficulty.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Museum - Idol A | CCC
Pic. 8. Museum - Idol A
Idol B (Pic. 9.) spawns within the open building in Siege Area C so it's a bit further than Idol A, but most likely you're going to use the same route to the chest which is advised unless you're aware that there are some strong enemies in this area then it might be a better idea to throw the idol through the gap to the spawn point of Idol C.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Museum - Idol B | CCC
Pic. 9. Museum - Idol B
Idol C (Pic. 10.) is on the front-left side and you can either bring it to the chest going through the ground which is the easiest way if it's not populated with enemies (and most likely it will since it goes pass the main spawn point during a Gold Rush round - Survival Area B) or transport it through the roofs of the nearby buildings. It is possible to get it up there if you go inside the building on top of which Siege Area B is located. Exactly below it is an elevation that you can climb and easily reach the roof of this building. From there, throw the idol to the wooden roof of the next building and then inside the Museum through its upper balcony.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena | Museum - Idol C | CCC
Pic. 10. Museum - Idol C
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