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There are only two types of them in Co-op Arena. One of them uses either a SAS-12 shotgun or an M9, the other one is an Armored Choker.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena - How to spot the enemy | CCC
Both Armored Enemies can be identified by their heavy armor, helmet and gas mask - in case of the Choker, or just a helmet (looking like a welder's mask if you're not playing on Crushing) - in case of the SAS-12/M9 user.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena - How to kill the enemy | CCC
The SAS-12/M9 enemy can NOT be killed using a melee attack if he's wearing a helmet (welder's mask on non-crushing difficulty). Every attempt of either punching him or using a stealth attack will fail and result in a counterattack. In worst case, you'll only get yourself killed this way as they won't hesitate to shoot you as well which can be deadly especially in case of the SAS-12 enemy.
The basic strategy to kill this type of enemy is to shoot his head. You can tell if you hit him in the head by a sound of a bullet landing on a metal object. After a couple of successful headshots, he will lose his helmet (welder's mask on non-crushing difficulty) and it will stop him from shooting you for a second. Once he doesn't have his mask anymore, then you can kill him with a melee (and/or stealth) attack. It's not always the best idea especially when it comes to the SAS-12 enemy or when you're in a Siege round and he's outside the Siege area, but sometimes, especially on Easy or Normal difficulty, this is a fast and efficient way to kill him.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena - enemy exceptions | CCC
The Armored Choker, just as the regular Choker, can be identified by his gas mask and loud breathing. However, unlike the regular Choker, this one's also wearing a helmet and some dark armor. He also can't be killed with a regular melee attack (you can learn a trick to do so in the Tips & Tricks section) regardless of whether he still has his helmet on or not and most importantly - you can't release a choked teammate by using a melee attack on an Armored Choker if he's got his helmet on. Once an Armored Choker grabs a teammate, you must shoot his helmet off. Usually it takes only 3 bullets in the head to do so. Once his helmet comes off, you can melee him (while he's holding your teammate) just like you do with the regular Choker.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena Tip | CCC
* If an Armored Choker grabs a teammate, you MUST shoot his helmet off before you can melee him.
* If you're close to an Armored Enemy, you can avoid getting constantly attacked by them by jumping.
* You can only melee an Armored Enemy once you shoot his helmet off.
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