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In later rounds of the Co-op Arena game, a special "brute" enemy carrying a PAK-80 gun (later called PAKman) will spawn. In a game on the Crushing difficulty level, beside a PAKman, you will also encounter numerous “boosted” enemies.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena - How to spot the enemy | CCC
You can identify the PAKman just by the sound of his PAK-80 gun. He's taller than any other enemy and heavily armored.
"Boosted Enemies" can be easily identified by an icon above them. There are three types of "boosted" Armored Enemies:
Militia Man – indicated by an infinity sign + 3-bullet icon (same icon as for the Militia Man kickback). His boost gives him a huge bullet clip which allows him to fire for an extended period of time. He will reload eventually, though, and that’s when you could attempt to shoot his helmet.
Carpet Bomber – indicated by a grenade icon with "x3" written in it. His boost gives him the ability to throw three grenades at once.
Cluster Bomber – indicated by the "Cluster Bomb" kickback icon (a grenade divided into multiple smaller grenades). His boost makes him throw a grenade which will explode and split into multiple additional grenades.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena - How to kill the enemy | CCC
PAKman can never be killed with a melee attack even if he loses most of his armor. He’s very powerful and should be avoided if possible unless you have a PAK-80 as well which will allow you to kill him with only ~30 bullets in the torso so whenever you get hold of a PAK-80, it’s important to always save at least 30 bullets (or more to have a room for error) for the PAKman to kill him quickly and make the round easier.
Boosted Armored Enemies can be killed the same way you can kill a "regular" Armored Enemy. Beside bullets, they can only be killed with a melee attack once their helmet falls off. Unfortunately, they're even stronger than regular Armored SAS-12/M9 enemies and it will take way more headshots to shoot their helmets off. Note - if you melee a Cluster Bomber after his helmet has been shot off, he may drop a revenge Cluster Bomb. It is safer to eliminate this enemy by additional headshots once his helmet has been removed.
Uncharted 3 Co-op Arena Tip | CCC
* You can quickly kill PAKman (the PAK-80 brute) with a PAK-80.
* If you pick up a PAK-80 gun, just tap the R1 button to kill regular enemies with 2-3 shots and save at least 30 bullets (preferably 50 or more) for the PAKman to shoot him in the torso.
* If you see that a Cluster Bomber starts to throw a grenade, you should already start escaping.
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