Uncharted 3 Co-op Certification Center | CCC
Uncharted 3 Co-op Certification Center | CCC
Question 1 - Is it possible to get treasure from a Treasure Chest in Co-op Arena?
Yes, you can get treasure from these chests if you're lucky.
No, in Co-op Arena you can only get a "Three Medal Pickup".
Question 2 - Your teammate is being choked by an Armored Choker nearby. How can you release him?
I'll try to use a melee attack from different angles if it won't work right away.
I must shoot the Choker in the head until his helmet comes off, then I can melee him.
Question 3 - What are the objectives in a Gold Rush round?
There's only one objective - bring the idol to the chest (twice in each round).
Kill as many enemies as you can before the battery in your controller dies.
Question 4 - What does a red $0 above a killed enemy in a Siege round mean?
It's a glitch.
It means the other teammate got cash for this kill.
It means I'm standing outside the Siege area and must get inside and kill enemies from there in order for the kill to count.
Question 5 - Is it possible to melee an Armored Enemy?
Yes, always.
Yes, but only after you shoot their helmet (or mask) off.
No, never.
Question 6 - You've picked up a PAK-80 gun. What are you going to do now?
I'll use it on some enemies by tapping the R1 button in order to save bullets because then I can kill PAKman with only 30 bullets to his torso.
I'll empty it as soon as possible on the first enemies I see.
I'll leave it, I prefer a different weapon.
Question 7 - You're downed and see a red circle above you, what do you do?
I press the DOWN button on the D-PAD to commit suicide and respawn as soon as possible.
I wait 5 seconds and if I don't get revived by a teammate, I'll commit suicide.
I wait for my teammates to revive me and can use the right stick to move the camera to see where they are.
Question 8 - How many votings are there before you start the game?
Two - the first one to choose the map, the second one to choose the difficulty level.
There's only one to choose the map.
What votings?
Question 9 - How can you tell when a Survival or Siege round is going to end?
I can't, there's a hidden counter and at some point the round will just end.
I can see the number of remaining kills in the bottom-right corner.
Question 10 - You got bored in the middle of the game and your teammate didn't revive you once. What do you usually do?
I kill myself and/or the others with a grenade to end the match and keep my earned cash.
I quit/leave the game.
I realize that there are two other people here who may enjoy this game so I'll help them finish the match and then play something else.
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